Solar Car

Solar Car Project 2
May 13, 2014
Solar Boat
May 13, 2014

Now people are searching such methods which give the energy without any fuel and without any pollution. So we are introducing the new Electrical energy without pollution and low cost. It Works without any fuel this is green energy. we invented a solar car where we fix a DC motor (24v and 2 batteries). Batteries are charged with solar panels which take the power from the sun. it fits for two persons. the car speed is 65km/h while batteries charging time is about 3 hour. We manufacture more than one design and we do our best to increase the car's speed and to decrease the charging time.

Our solar car is an electric vehicle powered by solar energy through solar panels positioned on the bonnet and rooftop of the car. Photovoltaic cells convert the solar energy directly into electrical energy and used for practical daily transportation. The direct thermal conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy through solar cells is a new and advanced technology and strategic industry as a future source of energy will have the greatest impact in the preservation of traditional energy sources, in addition to being a clean source of free energy is inexhaustible. The electrical engine generates 7.5 hp and the maximum speed can reach up to 65 km/h.