Basics of Arduino programming

  • Course level: Basic Courses

About Course

Language : Arabic - English
Training days : From Saturday to Thursday
Duration of the course : 20 training hours
Location : Lootah Technical Center


Knowing about the microcontroller piece.
Knowing about the Arduino board and its related parts.
Writing programming code using the Arduino IDE program

The Language : Arabic – English


Number Of Hours
The Program
Knowing about the microcontroller – and understand the entrances and exits of the device (Hardware).
Knowing about the IDE – Software, how to install and run the program, and adjust settings.
Knowing about the electronic parts, the mounting plate, and how to install the electronic parts.
Knowing how to connect electronic circuits.
Part One: The basics of coding
Part Two: Basics of Program Writing and Statements.
Connect LED to the Arduino board and control it.
Connecting the Ultrasonic Sensor and controlling it through the Arduino board.
Connect an IR sensor to the Arduino board.
Connecting the Relay Module to the Arduino board.
Implementation of practical Arduino projects.

What Will I Learn?

  • The student acquires the practical skill in understanding the principles of working electronic circuits.
  • The student acquires the ability to write codes in the Arduino programming language.
  • The student become able to implement some projects using the electronics skills and the Arduino system.

Material Includes

  • Materials include


  • نبذة عن قسم التمديدات و الصرف الصحي

Target Audience

  • Young people - People with general skill- school students