Time management and work pressure – Essential

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Analyzing the causes of work problems and stress in the field of work and classify conflicts and pressures within this environment.
The concept of the brain sciences, its establishment, and how to benefit from it in time management and work pressure in the institution or company.
The employee’s work functions and their relationship to physiological and psychological health and their relationship to the employee’s innovative and creative thinking.
Internal and external sources of work pressures, their causes, types, developments and how to deal with them.
The concept of difficult situations and how to deal with them and the leadership specifications required to confront them and turn them into a positive experience.
Making decisions in difficult situations and effective delegation and its impact in facing work pressures and time management as an effective tool to confront pressures.
Anxiety and its effect on morale and effective directives to control the human psyche to reduce stress and anxiety.
Knowledge of time administration and work efficiency concepts.
Concept of time management through Stephen Covey model (Steven Covey Time Management Chart).
Gaining methods to avoid wasting time and increase productive efficiency.
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What Will I Learn?

  • Learning participants to the sources of work stress in the work environment.
  • Learning them to the nature of mind management, especially in light of working under pressure.
  • Providing them with the skills and tools that help them in dealing with the work pressures that the employee is exposed to in his organization and outside it.
  • Videos and case studies that help them in the practical application of the training material and in their daily lives.

Material Includes

  • Material Includes

Target Audience

  • Directors and heads of departments, their deputies, their assistants, candidates for those administrative positions, public relations and public relations staff, administrative staff, secretaries and office managers.