The art of effective communication and communication – Essential

  • Course level: Short Courses
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  • Duration 20h
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  • Last Update June 17, 2021


Knowledge of the communication concepts, the main elements of communication, types of communication 5
The importance of communication, properties of communication, obstacles of communication. 5
Practical methods in the art of communication and dealing with others, obstacles to the process of contact and communication
The concept of successful communication with others and understanding body language and gestures. Benefits of successful communication in institutions and companies, ways to solve communication problems in institutions and companies.

What Will I Learn?

  • Knowing of effective communication and identifying the necessary models for communicating with oneself and others.
  • Using the appropriate means of communication for the message, and knowledge influencing factors in the process of persuasion and influencing others.
  • Effective use of verbal and nonverbal communication to communicate ideas to others.
  • Developing listening skills.
  • Reading body language in a way that helps in understanding message obviously.
  • Knowing obstacles of effective communication and deal with it.

Material Includes

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