Lootah Technical Centre

About Us

Lootah Technical Centre (LTC), founded by Haj Saeed Lootah, is the think tank of S.S. Lootah Group. LTC is an Institutional business center that aims at developing human capital by incubating knowledge, with a strong Focus on sustainability. The center’s primary objective is to sharpen the skill sets of the new generation of work Force to meet the needs of the national economy, in line with the vision of the UAE leadership. This includes training through a competency based educational process using an entrepreneurial approach in different industrial sectors including advanced technology, sectors such as aviation, space technology, alternative energy, media and broadcasting that are drivers of a knowledge economy.
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LTC also encourages business services covering Project Management Services, Language Centre, IT Business Process outsourc Ing, Hospitality; while keeping in its attention the needs of vocational competencies LTC promotes it Specialized Professional Workshop C (SPWC) to refine capacities in fabrication, turning, interior design, fibreglass, automotive, painting, denting, maintenance and more.

LTC ultimately aims to create alternative education system by enhancing the applied skill set of the workforce in line with practical industry requirements – a place “Where education and industry merge”.



To contribute towards the regional sustainability of strategic sectors to enhance productive competencies
To utilise entrepreneurship to extend sustainability, through an innovative approach that includes teaching, training and applying
Core Value

When serving the community has become our purpose; and cooperation was the approach, that how we obtained prestigious positioning through your satisfaction.


By bringing the pioneering industry to serve the advanced technology, business services, and vocational arena with innovation we merged the gap between educational institutions and industry needs; ‘LTC is where Education and Industry Merge.


We contribute to the economical sustainability development; with tenacity on our values and beliefs.


Strategic needs of the industry are complimented with the integrated approach of the team with the entre- pruners extending to reach the sustainability.


With the seed of transparent spirit we deal with others with trust, loyalty and honesty as belief and practice.