General and Domestic Electricity – Advanced

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General and domestic electricity
Training on general safety rules at work.
Understand the department’s occupational safety guidance and IP protection systems.
The origin of electricity and the different types of electricity.
Phases of electricity production and its distribution.
General electrical basics.
Voltage and potential difference details.
Energy law and Ohm’s law.
Knowing about the electrical devices and instruments that used in measuring and checking the electrical system and how to use them.
Types of electrical wires that used for electrical connection.
Properties of the electrical wires that used in connection (according to the applicable regulations).
Training on how to connect and install electrical outlets and their different types.
Training on how to connect and install electrical points switches.
Training on knowing electrical symbols.
Electrical protection devices and knowing about their different types.
Training on how to connect electrical protection devices.
Calculations related to the electrical protection system.
Electrical distribution board components (domestic).
Different types of electrical (domestic) distribution boards.
Calculations of electrical distribution boards (domestic).
Distribution of electrical loads in the electrical distribution board (domestic).
Training on how to connect the electrical distribution board (domestic).
Training on identifying symbols in SLD electrical diagrams.
Connecting contactor circuits and electrical control circuits.
Connecting electrical sensors systems in domestic facilities.
Training on Connecting electrical Switches.
Learning about basics of electric motors and knowing about their action principle (Motor Induction).
Training on maintenance skills and electrical fault detection.
Electrical connection points.
Electrical distribution boards.
Horizontal water pumps that used in domestic irrigation systems.
Design of a practical project.
Final evaluation of the domestic electricity program.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Practical application practice in connecting electrical circuits, switches and electrical outlets.
  • Calculation of electrical loads.
  • Acquisition practical skill in combination an Off Grid solar energy system.
  • Acquisition practical skills in connecting electronic circuits!

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