Auto mechanics and electricity (advanced)

  • Course level: Advanced Courses




Knowledge of occupational safety and health.
Knowledge of all kinds of tools used in the auto mechanic workshop.
Removing, installing the tires and the tire budget of the machine
Maintenance of car electricity:

  • Starter and know its parts completely and inspect the starter.
  • Dynamo, knowledge of the parts and inspection.
  • Fuse box testing, fuse numbers and relay inspection
  • Change the lamps and repair the electricity of doors and wipers.
  • Inspecting the sensors in the car with the inspection device and maintaining the sensors
Air conditioning and refrigeration:

  • Compressor inspection, knowledge for filling gas and air conditioner gas lick inspection.
  • Changing the compressor for air conditioning and inspect Freon gas leakage.
Break :

  • Inspecting and changing the front and back spades and knowing the parts of the break completely.
  • Inspecting and knowledge of the types of modern and old breaks.
Knowledge of auto parts :

  • Engine maintenance dismantling and installing all the engine parts, knowledge of engine faults and instruction on changing the timer.
  • Dismantling the rods, changing the budget and Power Steering maintenance..
  • Knowing the parts of cars, shock absorber, girdles, rings, decoding, installing, budgeting, decoding, and knowing parts of cars.
  • Maintenance of automatic gearboxes. Disassemble and install all its parts and knowing of the automatic gearboxes faults.
  • Electrostatic gearboxes inspection
  • Change the gearbox oil and filter.
  • Inspection the coolant for gearbox oil.
  • Remove the engine from the car and check the engine pressure.
  • Inspecting the crankshaft, the cylinder in the lathe and Inspecting the bearings and pistons.
  • Installing the engine and knowing the steps followed, knowing the causes of smoke and operating the engine.
Final test 

What Will I Learn?

  • Acquire the skills of knowing the faults of the entire machine and how to fix the machine with dismantling and installing the machine
  • Gain skills in knowing, removing and installing gearbox faults.
  • Acquire the skills in knowing auto electrical faults, auto conditioning and cooling in general.

Material Includes

  • Material Includes

Target Audience

  • Project coordinator in related fields, operational and technical, industrial staff, industrial high school diploma holders, workshops/ garage personnel and anyone interested in this work