CNC Mechines Technology

Lathing Unit

1. A miniature definition of the lathe workshop?

Identify equipment in the workshop and tools used such as measuring tools and cutting tools.

2. Lathing workshop services?
  • Turning - milling - training - maintenance of mechanical equipment - manufacturing of car parts - repair of car parts, excavators and other machines.

3. Training services and training plan?
  • Training students on lathe machines, milling machine, CNC machines and Saw machine.

4. Topics of the training program?
  • Training on measuring instruments.
  • Machine training.
  • Training on how to manage the workshop.
  • Safety equipment training.
  • Continuous production training in large quantities.
  • Training on CNC machine.

5. Skills gained from the program?
  • Manufacturing axles, teeth and lathe of all kinds.
  • Gear industry.
  • Manufacturing of geometric shapes and molds on CNC machine.

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