Automobiles Engineering Training

Department of mechanics, painting and dyeing

1. A mini-definition of the workshop:

Educational workshop, training and maintenance of all cars with all equipment and training on all parts of cars

2. Workshop Services:
  • Car maintenance and know the faults in full.
  • Maintenance of automatic gypsum.
  • Repair electrical faults in all types of cars.
  • General car paint and dyeing.

3. Training services and training plan:
  • Train the engine.
  • Training on automatic Thematic.
  • Know the faults in the car and general maintenance of cars.

4. Topics of the training program:
  • knowledge of engine failure and installation of the engine and the installation of titanium Belt and pistons engine.
  • Disruption of the gyrex dismantling and installation of parts.
  • Work on the mechanical parts of the car in general.
  • Electricity - dynamo + starter + check the electricity of cars in general.
  • Full auto cooling and cooling with gas filling and general inspection.

5. Skills gained from the program:
  • Acquire the skills in knowing the breakdown of the entire machine and how to repair and dismantle and install the machine.
  • Acquire skills in the knowledge of faults and automatic Motion vector and dismantling and installation.
  • Acquiring the skills in knowledge of faults of car electricity, adaptation and cooling cars in general.

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