Prototype Projects

LTC seeks to offer the best energy solutions customized to meet any power requirement with the support of some Of the largest International Renewable Energy Companies. Green Energy initiative has worked with clients looking to install Solar systems for commercial or industrial applications. Due to the technical and often customized needs of our clients, we have specialists dedicated to make sure you get the system you require. In accordance with its commitment to delivering the most effective and efficient energy solutions for sustainable growth, LTC starts with the following products:

Solar Taxi Boat

This innovative safe, clean, quiet, concept was developed in-house effortless to operate, virtually maintenance Free, and requiring minimal nautical knowledge. The 20-ft long boat is powered by five solar panels producing 875 Watts. The boat can cruise up to a distance of 30 nm to 40 nm with 10 passengers on board without recharging.

Solar Water Desalination System

In barren areas of the earth which suffer from low rainfall, there is a continuing need to distill non-potable water such as seawater. Fortunately, such areas of the earth commonly have an abundance of sunshine an accordingly solar desalination of seawater, in such areas, would be appropriate. This system consists of 100-watt solar cell and battery to store energy

Solar Air Conditioner

It consists of solar panels, DC compressors and isolated gas-water pipes, the solar AC demonstrates a clean and renewable concept of air conditioning. The 2/3 tons unit uses 24 volts and consumes the collected energy of 300 watt stored in the special batteries.

Solar Car

Our solar car is an electric vehicle powered by solar energy through solar panels positioned on the bonnet and rooftop of the car. Photovoltaic cells convert the solar energy directly into electrical energy and used for practical daily transportation. The electrical engine generates 7.5 hp and the maximum speed can reach up to 65 km/h.