CEO Message

The word of the CEO

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ...

Whenever I remember how we started, how we rose, and where we stand now, I find myself feeling proud of all of our successes. At the time of establishing this great educational center in 1990, we were young and not yet experienced, learning from the founding father, gaining experiences, and aspiring to reach a prominent position, and we were able to make great achievements. The name of the Lootah Technical Center became known as many clients trusted us. Now, all the employees and workers of the center and I am among of them are proud when we state that we belong to the Lootah Technical Center, the educational and training arm of the Saeed Ahmed Lootah and Sons Group. It was the ambitious beginning that the founding father, Haji Saeed bin Ahmed Al Lootah, may God have mercy on him, was keen on, and we, in our turn, are always keen not to be tainted by despair. We may face pitfalls and pitfalls in our life, but we are always keen to make them stages that we live up to reach the best.

Believing that vocational work and modern technologies have become necessities and not luxuries in an era in which the value of the second has diminished against the nanosecond. We, Lootah Technical Center, were among the pioneers in setting our mark in the field of preparing, training, and qualifying human in different fields of life so that members of society can contribute to develop themselves and support their homeland. Here, it was the difficult start several years ago.

We launched with clear and specific goals in our mind. The first and the most important one was our esteemed clients, whose satisfaction represents the true indicator of our success. We also did not overlook the human development factor, which is the essence and basis of any investment and which we pay full attention and care to. As the investment in people is the real investment.

As a continuation of the path to success and as a final step, the accurate and scientific choices of our administrative, vocational and engineering training programs at Lootah Technical Center came in order to be in line with our goals and policy that we have followed for decades.

Between the customer, the product, and the employee, there was a real need for modern and scientific management that would be a strong link for all these elements. The management plans, develops, and follows up to reach the whole system for the desired progress and advancement.

We started from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and expanded into the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of Sri Lanka, and the Republic of Yemen. This is not our final goal, but rather the beginning of the long and difficult road to cover the entire Arab and Middle Eastern market.