Strategic Planning – Essential

  • Course level: Short Courses
  • Categories Administrative
  • Duration 20h
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  • Last Update August 25, 2021


Knowledge with the concepts and foundations of planning, setting the right goals according to S.M.A.R.T.E.R B.C. standards, advantages of planning, why many managers and supervisors fail to plan? Elements of good planning
Concept of planning, benefits of planning, tactics and strategy, components and elements of creative planning, types of planning, practical exercise
Environmental analysis, analyzing the environment according to SWOT and PEST, understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may affect the organization or company.
Knowledge with the methods of analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks How to use S.U.M methods, how to use PMSP.
Defining the concept of the goal, strategic goals, industry and formulation of smart goals, steps for industry and formulation of goals

What Will I Learn?

  • Promoting participants' knowledge of the concepts of management and strategic planning.
  • Learning participants to the elements of strategic planning and its various dimensions.
  • Enabling participants to the stages and steps of strategic planning.
  • Enabling participants to define the vision and mission of the institution ,and what the elements should be available.
  • Providing participants with the necessary skills for the process of setting and formulating strategic objectives SMARTER BC.
  • Providing participants with the skills of proper application of the stages of strategic planning.
  • Learning participants about the problems and difficulties of strategic planning and how to solve them.
  • Learning participants about the steps of effective strategic planning.

Material Includes

  • Material Includes

Target Audience

  • Managers, their deputies, their assistants, supervisors, department heads, and planning officials in all business organizations, government and private sectors, as well as holders of advisory positions in all types of installations