Solar Energy – Advanced

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About Course

Renewable Energy
Gaining awareness and knowledge of occupational safety rules and its application while working.
Learning about different solar energy systems and solar energy system components/devices.
Gaining practical knowledge and practice about the technologies used for the solar energy system and the components of the solar energy system devices.
Learning the basics of calculating electrical loads and how to design a system based on solar energy Grid On or Grid Off.
Gaining practical knowledge and practices on how to connect solar energy systems Grid On or Grid Off.
The ability to apply acquired practical skills (from the General Electricity Fundamentals Program) in connecting various electrical protection devices to the solar energy system.
Solar System Design (Grid Off 3KVA)
Learning about the solutions used and followed to improve the efficiency of the solar energy system.
Gaining and Appling practical skills in how to inspect the solar energy system and diagnose technical faults.
Calculating the costs of implementing the solar energy system and how to benefit from the associated systems.
Public and household electricity
Training on general safety rules while working.
Understanding the department’s occupational safety guidelines and Protection Ingress systems.
Different types of electric current.
The origin of electricity and the different types of electricity.
Basics of electricity and how to calculate electrical loads.
Learning about electrical devices and tools such as: (digital multimeter, clamp meter).
Types of electrical wires and its calculation Code Color Wire.
Training on how to connect electrical outlets and its different types.
Training on how to connect electrical point’s switches.
Electrical protection devices and knowing of its different types.
How to connect it, and methods of electrical calculations.
Electrical distribution board components.
How to connect the distribution board and how to maintain it.
How to Use and Connect Switch Over Change and Isolators 2
Practical project design.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learning about the use of solar energy systems.
  • How to use panels, batteries and all parts related to solar energy and how to operate it.
  • How to find faults and solutions in general.
  • Understanding the origin of electricity and the principle of its generation as well as knowledge of various electrical terms and symbols.
  • Practicing practical in connecting electrical circuits, switches and electrical outlets.
  • Learning the difference between Phase Single and Phase Three.
  • Calculating of electrical loads.

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