Future Foresight – Essential

  • Course level: Short Courses
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  • Duration 30h
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  • Last Update June 19, 2021


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Knowledge the concepts of future envision, unconventional thinking (outside the box), the importance of future envision for institutions and companies in order to obtain a high competitive advantage.
Distinguish between future envision and strategic planning.
Global and local future envision sectors and its importance in making qualitative shifts in institutions.
The concepts of creativity and innovation, the mechanisms of creativity and innovation in the leading and globally dominant institutions and companies.
Future envision and its importance in the administrative excellence of institutions and companies.
Inspirational leaders and their importance in making qualitative shifts for institutions and companies.
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What Will I Learn?

  • Knowing the concept of future envision, its importance and properties.
  • Knowing the laws of change, the major change directions for formulation the future.
  • Refining the participants' knowledge regarding the competencies required for future envision-er and the role of leaders in making future envision a part of the organization's culture
  • Knowing the details of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and providing local and global examples of its applications.
  • Viewing the experiences of global and local institutions and the best practices in the field of future envision and the achieved successes.
  • Linking future envision with innovation and knowing the concept of government accelerators, Dubai accelerators and the X 10 project, and the extent to which governments need them.

Material Includes

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Target Audience

  • The future envision team in the institution, the strategic planning and institutional excellence team, the directors of departments and sectors from all fields, who are interested and want to develop themselves in the subject of envision.