Developing leadership and administrative skills – Essential

  • Course level: Short Courses
  • Categories Administrative
  • Duration 33h
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  • Last Update June 17, 2021


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Self- administration, setting smart targets, properties of smart targets and ways to set them.
Self-motivation, importance of self-motivation, elements of self-motivation, how to motivate yourself.
The concept of effective communication, elements of communication, communication obstacles, successful and effective communication, body language (Non Verbal Communication)
The art of dealing with others, how you influence those around you, ways to help you develop your relationships with co-workers.
Decisions and their types, effective decision-making methods, factors affecting effective decision-making.
Knowledge of leadership and the art of influencing others, properties of an inspiring leader, transformational leadership.
Innovation and creativity, effective strategic planning, thinking outside the box, creativity in institutions and companies
Strategic planning skills, its importance, setting successful strategies, evaluating the status of institutions and companies
Training and development of employees, prioritization of training and learning, evaluation of training

What Will I Learn?

  • Effective self-management and optimal use of time management.
  • The importance of self-motivation and methods of motivation, how to affect productivity and the work environment.
  • The ability to communicate with others in an effective manner, understanding others and the ability to analyze and read body language.
  • Understanding co-workers and the ability to deal with them and achieve the goals of the institution or company.
  • The importance of effective decision-making, and the ability to influence others.
  • How to be an effective and influential leader in your company or organization.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of creativity and innovation, knowledge of the mechanisms of thinking outside the box and traditional methods.
  • Knowing and understanding the importance of strategic planning and the ability to develop effective strategic plans.
  • Knowing the training needs in the work environment and developing training plans in line with the strategic plans of companies and institutions.

Material Includes

  • Material Includes


  • Knowledge of the functions of administrators and leaders in institutions.

Target Audience

  • Everyone who works in leading positions and supervisory positions and candidates to occupy them in government and private agencies and institutions.