Customer service – Essential

  • Course level: Short Courses
  • Categories Administrative
  • Duration 32h
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  • Last Update June 17, 2021


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Knowledge of customer service concepts, the importance of the customer to companies or institutions, facts and statistics, a successful customer service employee and his specifications.
Administration concept of customer service
Knowledge of the principles and concepts of contact and communication with customers, understanding body language and gestures, and commandments to communicate with customers in an effective manner.
The concept of self- administration and setting goals in personal and working life.
Modern leadership concepts and their application in dealing with customers.
The concept of time administration, dealing with work pressures and production efficiency.
Reviewing studies in the practical application of customer service.
Practical application (customer service program in your institution)

What Will I Learn?

  • Knowledge of the concept of customer service and the importance of the customer for institutions and companies.
  • Enabling participants to understand the process of communicating with customers (speech or body language), golden commandments for communicating with others and gaining their satisfaction, not their hostility.
  • Enable participants to communicate and provide customer service through a correct understanding of their needs and the ability to communicate with them.
  • Learn how to get customer feedback to improve your customer service program continually.
  • Self-development, goal setting, and understanding of time management and its importance.

Material Includes

  • Material Includes

Target Audience

  • All who work in customer service (first lines), managers of the customer service department.